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Harley Davidson is a top Bengal male who came to us from Russia. It has a super nice contrast with a super light background with very large beautiful rosettes. he has a super soft fur with a very striking shine and gold glitter in the coat. Its head is nicely round with medium-sized round ears. He has a nice athletic build body. In addition, there are really top lines in his pedigree !!

Harley's parents are a brown tabby Bengal mother and a charcoal father.
He is a real cuddly Bengal cat. He is super social and playful. He is still young, born on September 15, 2019.

The parents of Available / for sale for breeding are:

Mango black mustang
Mango black mustang
Cartier Gold ben Umma
Cartier Gold ben Umma

Thank you very much Tatiana, Harley is really great and I can't wait to see her first kittens.

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