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Sharm Khan Suleiman

Suleiman is a top Bengal male who came to us from Russia. It has a light background with very large beautiful tricolor sparble rosettes. he has a very soft fur with a beautiful shine and gold glitter in the coat. Its head is nicely round with medium-sized round ears. He has a nice athletic build body. In addition, there are really top lines in his pedigree !! For example, Suleiman's grandfather is Bengalivo Without Words of Kanpur.

Suleiman is PK-Def n / n. It has been tested for HCM, PKD, felv and fiv

Suleiman is a real cuddly Bengal cat. He is super social and playful. He was born on May 1, 2017.

He has produced several litters and they are really top kittens!

The parents of Sharm Khan Suleiman are:

Lavieange Sherkhan of Sharm
Lavieange Sherkhan of Sharm
Sharm Jwoww Mozah
Sharm Jwoww Mozah

Thank you very much Anastasia! Seulemann is really great!

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