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Kanpur Dior

This beautiful cat came all the way from Canada here. it has beautiful dark, large, horizontally shaped rosettes. she has a short, silky coat with a great contrast. She has a lot of gold glitter and even her eyes are colored gold! she is perfect in all areas and I am really over the moon with her.

Dior has had all the necessary tests, Felv Fiv, Hcm real pkd echo, pkdef

She has had several litters, she gives beautiful kittens and is a very caring mother

The parents of Kanpur Dior are:

Oicspots Corvette Stingray
Oicspots Corvette Stingray
Kanpur Gucci Premiere
Kanpur Gucci Premiere

Thank you very much Diana for this beautiful pussy! she is very beautiful and sweet!

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