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Praslin Peaches (upcoming Queen)

Peaches came to us from The Hague. This beautiful black tabby rosetted bengal female cat has a deep color and beautiful large rosettes. She is descended from very beautiful bloodlines, which is also the last litter of this combination of parents. She has a very nice head with medium size round ears. In addition to her beautiful appearance, Praslin Peaches is a very sweet, calm and social girl. I expect a lot from her future babies and can not wait until she can get a first litter.

The parents of Praslin Peaches are:

Risnsun Caviar
Risnsun Caviar
Lamborgina of Dressycats
Lamborgina of Dressycats

Thank you very much Nikoletta for this beautiful, sweet girl, the confidence to let her go home with us and the fact that you have always been there for us.

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