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We regularly welcome a beautiful litter of kittens at home. We sell the kittens as pets or (if they are suitable for this purpose) for breeding. Our kittens grow up in a domestic setting, in the company of our children and other animals. The kittens can walk freely in our living spaces and will therefore get used to household noises. We think it is very important that the kittens leave our home well socialized. We and our children (under supervision) will hold the kittens a lot, will hug them and give them much love.

If you buy a kitten with us, we will keep you informed by sending, amongst others, photos through email. You will receive these photos on a USB stick or CD when you pick up your kitten. Of course, you can also drop by prematurely and admire the development of the kitten yourself.

After their birth, the kittens may be transferred to the new owner after 12 to 13 weeks. They will be vaccinated twice, dewormed and micro chipped. At their departure, the kittens get a vaccination book/passport and a kitten kit. The kittens get a pedigree of Tica International or Neocat. All Bengal kittens are sold with a purchasing contract.

Reservation of a kitten from Bengal Diamondz

Are you interested in one of our purebred kittens? Then you can contact us by email or using the contact form. If several kittens are available, you can express your preference and (after visiting us) you can reserve your kitten.

You will pay a deposit when you want to reserve a kitten. A deposit is non-refundable if you decide not to take your kitten.

Are you interested in buying a kitten and there is no litter? Then we can put you on our waiting list. When you are on the waiting list, you will get priority at the birth of new kittens. We will put you on the waiting list without any obligation and at no charges.

The Bengal kitten/cat will be in good health on the day of the purchase. Within 3 days after picking up the Bengal kitten/cat you can visit your own vet with or without the kitten to check its health. After these 3 days we cannot be held responsible anymore for the further development of your kitten.
If a kitten should die within 1 year after the purchase date from a genetic disease, you are entitled to another kitten. You can only claim this provision if a report of an autopsy conducted by the Veterinary Faculty of the University of Utrecht is presented to us showing that the kitten/cat indeed died of a genetic disease. We will not be liable for the costs of the vet or specialist associated with the genetic disease or disorder. We will not refund your money, but you are entitled to a new kitten with a combination of your choice.
We are not responsible for other diseases or problems. We recommend you to take out a pet insurance for any medical costs.

We ship our cats worldwide. Depending on the destination, there are several rules to observe. We use a reliable carrier for this.

Bengal Diamondz is a member of Tica International and Neocat.

Buy Bengal kitten(s)?

If you want to buy a Bengal kitten from Bengal Diamondz, you can contact us using the contact form.